Paul Bocuse's VGE Soup Recipe

As part of National Soup Month we will be serving Paul Bocuse’s famed VGE Soup. Come on in and try it.


VGE Soup Recipe
Serves 4

4 oz cooked beef cheeks
2oz diced carrots
2 oz diced celery
2 oz diced foie gras
6 oz black truffle
16 oz of beef broth from the beef cheeks
4 discs of puff pastry to cover the serving bowl.
1 egg wash

Note: This soup must be assembled when all ingredients are cold.

1. Divide evenly all ingredients in each bowl.
2. Finish with broth.
3. Season as needed.
4. Cover with puff pastry. Add egg wash on the puff pastry with a brush.
5. Keep cold.
6. Preheat oven at 420˚F then place soup in the oven for about 12 minutes. 
7. Serve very hot

Chez Moi